EcoCountry is a manufacturer of high-quality wood-based products, designed for gardens, camping or other natural havens. Our products range from cozy to grill-cabins, exquisite design saunas, beautiful pavilions, and hot tubs. The products are made either from a renewable, high-quality European pine, or extremely long-lasting thermo-treated pine.

What we do

We try to add even more advantages to the idea of purchasing a log-based home by creating best quality log cabins constructed to the highest standards. We use only modern materials and insulation techniques to ensure our log houses perform significantly better when compared to a typical home, providing not only all kinds of comfort solutions, but also saving you energy costs on both heating and cooling throughout the year.

Not only we care about good quality and customer service, but the material quality of our products are important to us. We make sure that they are sustainable enough to provide best product while helping our planet and all its inhabitants.

How we do

Our production department has been continuously investing into acquisition of new equipment. Also, we always work on developing new ideas to enhance the design and improve technical solutions of the products. The products are being produced according to drawings, strictly following the instructions and complying with quality standards. Every new product undergoes testing processes. Most of the materials used in the production process are certified and marked with CE.

Why us

A purchase of a log house will also provide you with another upside - saving on a delivery. We offer a ‘flat-pack’ delivery to any location in the UK. On arrival, you are free to choose between building your home yourself, or putting the matter in our hands. Our carpenters can erect your log house in a small amount of time and with a high degree of quality, which is guaranteed by our company.

At EcoCountry we are able to offer a range of different products. We are proud of our best standardised "Eco Friendly" products, and the ability to offer something above the standart product.

Start caring about future by choosing EcoCountry, because every little detail makes a difference.

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